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Only In Tokyo

Only In Tokyo

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Only in Tokyo is a guided tour through the city's dynamic food scene through the words of Michael Ryan and the lens of Luke Burgess, two of Australia's top chefs. From daybreak to late night, discover the creative people and compelling stories behind the unique restaurants, cafes, bars and tea houses of the world's most exciting food city.

Anyone who has ever visited Tokyo knows that, with over 160,000 restaurants in the city, recommendations on where to go to eat are essential. In Only in Tokyo, you're aided by a team of local experts chefs, baristas, journalists and sommeliers  to help you navigate the complex food scene with ease. Discover the best of all the classic foods of Japan, and more. Sushi, takoyaki, ramen, sandwiches, burgers done brilliantly, donuts: with a photograph of every venue, accompanied by basic information on why it is worth a visit and what house speciality to order, along with its address and opening times.

Use this book to give you a flavour of Tokyo, and to point you in some tasty directions.

Image Credit: Hardie Grant