Our Customer

Our Customer, Our People- 

A hard-working individual who enjoys splurging on quality products. Their dedication to their work often allows them to indulge in finer luxuries. They enjoy sharing these qualities with family and friends. The quality of a product is important to them. As a result, they always look for the highest quality items to add to their collection. They value the ethical nature of their purchases, knowing that each piece comes from a meaningful and intriguing story. They take pride in knowing that they are supporting a sustainable brand that is dedicated to creating products that are ethically sourced and designed with love. 

Our customer wakes up every morning, refreshed from a full night's sleep in their layers of bedding and PJ linen. Upon waking, they smell the fresh aroma of coffee poured into their favourite Spaces mug. They savour the moment, feeling content and comfortable in their own curated home before they begin their day.